2020 Practice Planning, Make A List, Check It Twice, 2020 Don’t Rely On Rolling The Dice!

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss how Marketing and Sales planning takes a good 90 days until you are ramped up and seeing the fruits of your strategy and the tactics you employed to execute that strategy. DO NOT wait until 1/1/20 to put a plan into action. Here are the top 10 things you should be thinking about and acting on NOW, to get the New Year off to a great start and improve your bottom line from 2019: 1: Do we have a marketing plan that is measurable and trackable? 2: Is our website easy to find, navigate and have calls to action to generate leads across all devices? 3: Do we an have an SEO strategy with well thought out keywords that will help our search rankings? 4: Do we have an email strategy to communicate with current patients and future prospsects? 5: Is our staff trained to handle incoming phone calls and web leads from new prospects. Are they trained to promote new products and services to our existing patients? 6: Do we have a follow up strategy for all of the prospects from 2019 who did not get started on a program? 7: Are we aware of our shortcomings in 2019 and have a solid plan to improve in 2020? 8: Do we have our revenue goals for 2020 in writing? 9: Do we have a grass roots marketing plan? 10: How will we hold our team accountbale for success?  
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