2020 Practice Planning Start Today!

Marketing and Sales planning takes a good 90 days until you are ramped up and seeing the fruits of your strategy and the tactics you employed to execute that strategy. DO NOT wait until January 1st to put a plan into action.

Here are the top 10 things you should be thinking about and acting on NOW, to get the new year off to a great start and improve your top and bottom lines from 2019:

1: Do I have a marketing plan that is measurable and trackable?

2: Is my website easy to find, navigate and have calls to action to generate leads across all devices?

3: Do I have an SEO strategy with well thought out keywords that will help my search rankings?

4: Do I have an email strategy to communicate with current patients and future prospects?

5: Is my staff trained to handle incoming phone calls and web leads from new prospects. Are they trained to promote new products and services to our existing patients?

6: Do we have a follow up strategy for all of the prospects from 2019 who did not get started on a program?

7: Are we aware of our shortcomings in 2019 and have a solid plan to improve in 2020?

8: Do we have our revenue goals for 2020 in writing?

9: Do we have a grass roots marketing plan?

10: How will we hold our team accountbale for success?

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