BioPhotonic Scanner Interview with Dr. Kim Crawford: Revenue Generating Opportunity

 On this episode of Turbo Charged MD, Rich Force, CEO of Medical Marketing Solutions interviews Dr. Kim Crawford, Quadruple Board Certified Physician in Internal, Sports, Preventative and Anti-Aging Medicine, on the opportunity to derive addtional practice revenue with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Program. In our interview, Dr. Crawford addresses the following: How does raman […]

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How to Increase the Number of New Patients Through Social Media! | Medical SEO Company, Florida

  Social media has been on the rise for a while now and only growing faster, many people have at least one social media account whether its Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and some even have multiple to use in different situations. Social media is not only a way to connect with your customer base but […]

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Turbo Charge MD Interview with Jill Swartz, President and Founder of Specialty Med Training

  Welcome to brand new season of Turbo Charged MD. On this episode, Rich Force, CEO of Medical Marketing Solutions interviews Jill Swartz, Founder and President of Specialty Med Training, a membership model designed specifically for clinicians in the functional, regenerative, preventative and medical-spa space. The majority of their members operate cash-based centers or are […]

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Medical Clinics, Here’s How to 10x Your New Patient Base | Medical SEO Company FL

In the crowded world of medical marketing, it isn’t always easy to make your clinic stand out from your competitors. Statistics show that 80% of patients turn to Google before making a decision on which doctor to choose. Safe to say, if you haven’t created a strong online presence, these patients won’t even know you […]

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From Cold Prospects to Patients to Raving Fans: Simplifying Your Practice Roadmap For Success

   On this final episode of season 2 of Turbo Charged MD, we will discuss the cycle of taking a cold prospect, converting them into a new patient and ultimately a raving fan. Many private pay medical practices offer life changing treatments and programs. While investing in cutting-edge technologies and offering a selection of […]

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The Market for Erectile Dysfunction Treatments is Hot: How To Tap Into The Market Share

  On this episode of Turbo Charged MD, we discuss the upward trend in Erectile Dysfunction treatments,  more specifically, non medication related treatment and therapies.  Topics include:   The FDA approved Viagra in 1998. Pfizers marketing investment blew open the conversation about ED. Men and Women are more open to discussing the issues and challenges. […]

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Capturing Practice Market Share From Your Competition

  On this episode of Turbo Charged MD, we discuss how to capture market share from your competitors during the Corona Virus Economy.    Some private pay medical practices  are currently open and some are not as we work in the current Corona Virus economy. We know that we face some short term challenges as […]

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The Vortex Concierge Call Center by Medical Marketing Solutions

The Vortex Concierge Call Center by Medical Marketing Solutions: The Vortex Concierge Call Center Solution provides you with a 24/7 live professional sales associate who will answer all prospect call ins and make outbound calls to convert them to live, qualified consultations. No more worrying about who answers the phones, if they answer the phone and what […]

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Medical Grade Face Masks Available!

Medical Grade Face Masks Available! Medical Marketing has partnered with an Israeli distributor for the following face masks: If you know ANY orgaization that needs masks we are able to secure them ASAP. · PCS DISPOSABLE MEDICAL FACIAL MASK Quick Overview • Disposable Medical Facial Mask – 3 Layer Face Mask – Strong Ear Loops […]

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Medical Practices: How SEO Marketing Helps You Reach the Right Patients When They Need You the Most | Florida

Your medical practice depends on a healthy influx of patients. Just like any business, it’s important to build a strong online presence. Patients in your area are searching for treatments and services that you offer at this very moment. If your website isn’t properly optimized to capture those valuable leads, you’re missing out on their […]

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