The Holiday Season Isn't Slow! Close Out The Year With A Bang!

On this Episode of Turbo Charged MD we will talk about how the final 6 weeks of the year is a great time to increase sales. If you have the holiday sales blues, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and keep your sales and marketing caps on. Get your prospects and patients excited […]

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4.3 Billion Reasons Why To Use Email Marketing: A Necessary Tool In Your Marketing Arsenal

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss the power and importance of having a strategic email marketing plan. Topics include:    Email marketing is cost-effective. You can reach more mobile customers with email marketing You can automate the email marketing process Email marketing makes it easy to personalize content for better response rates. […]

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2020 Practice Planning, Make A List, Check It Twice, 2020 Don't Rely On Rolling The Dice!

 On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss how Marketing and Sales planning takes a good 90 days until you are ramped up and seeing the fruits of your strategy and the tactics you employed to execute that strategy. DO NOT wait until 1/1/20 to put a plan into action. Here are the […]

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Grass Roots Marketing to Grow Your Medical Practice

 In this episode of Turbo Charged MD we will discuss the importance of Grassroots Marketing as a strategy to drive more patients to your practice, Topics will include: What is Grassroots Marketing? Why it is an important part of your marketing strategy. Who in your practice should be involved. Best events and organizations to […]

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The Phone: Your Secret Weapon to Increase Revenues

The phone is not a dinosaur, it is your best technology. It is the most important tool in your sales and operations arsenal Verbal rules non-verbal communication.  Prospects want to speak to ‘live humans” Inbound vs Outbound. Phone Scripts. Call monitoring and training.

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Creating Your Buyer Persona (Avatar)

As a private pay practitioner you have the ability to select the ideal patient you would like to treat at your practice. In this episode we will discuss: Who do you want to treat. How to create a Buyer Persona (Avatar). Be specific. Name it Great exercise to do with your team. Visualize life from […]

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Turbo Charge MD: Podcast 1 Intro

Welcome to Podcast #1! Super excited to help all of you amazing medical practitioners learn what it takes to transition into, or retool your Private Pay/Concierge medical practice! It’s not easy but once you learn the success formula, you will be on your way to Turbo Charged revenues and profits. In today’s episode: Intro to […]

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