Building Rapport With Prospects: If They Trust You They Will Buy

In this first episode of Season 2 of Turbo Charged MD we will discuss the importance of buliding rapport with propsective patients to help them feel comfortable, get to know you and feel great about their buying decision. People buy based on emotion and rationalize their decision afterward with logic. This episode will cover: 1. Maintain Eye Contact Maintaining eye contact communicates care and compassion. It can also show empathy and interest in your prospect's situation. Eye contact and social touch connects you to your prospects and communicates understanding.   2. Show Empathy Empathy is the ability to understand the propspect's situation, perspective and feelings. It allows you to deliver more personalized care. The empathetic consulttant communicates and acts on their understanding of the prospect.   3. Open Communication One study found good communication to be a key factor in improving prospect outcomes. Understanding your prospect's communication preferences and state of mind will help build rapport. Informing your prospect of treatments that will benefit them and give them the benefits they are seeking is very important. Encouraging your prospect to share their feelings with you is another. Open communication is one of the most essential communication skills needed for success.   4. Make it Personal Being a prospect can be scary. To help ease their mind, take the time to get to know your prospect. Ask about their friends and family, hobbies, and other important aspects of their life. This communicates your desire to understand them as a person, not only as a prospect. This is an easy way to learn how to build rapport with your prospects.   5. Active Listening Active listening is an essential holistic healthcare tool. It is a non-intrusive way of sharing a prospects thoughts and feelings. To practice active listening, follow these steps: Listen to what the prospect is saying. Repeat what you heard to the prospect. Check with the prospect to ensure your reflection is correct. The goal of active listening is to reflect the feeling or intent behind their words. You should listen to understand, not to respond. Practice active listening as one of several ways to build rapport.   6. Practice Mirroring Matching the prospect's demeanor, disposition, and rhythm quickly establishes rapport. This may even mean raising your voice to match a loud prospect to create a synchronized bond. Then, with a low voice and measured movements, lead the prospect to a better place. Use mirroring to become attuned to the prospect during difficult conversations. 7. Keep Your Word Keeping your word is one of the most effective ways to build rapport with prospects. If you tell them you will do something, do it. If your ability to complete a task changes, communicate this with the prospect. Don’t over-promise and under deliver. Keeping your word with prospects not only builds rapport, it also builds trust.
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