Conducting A World Class Prospect/Patient Consultation

On this Epidosde of Turbo Charged MD, we will discuss how to conduct a world class Consultation which will help you build a great rapport with your propsective patient and make it painless and comfortable for them to purchase your services at the end of the consult. Topic will cover: Know who you are consulting with. Review notes prior to beginning. Speak to the person who booked the consultation for more insight. Make a great first impression. Your prospect may be nervous. Use a script as a guide, don’t read verbatim. Take notes. Transcribe notes into CRM or EMR Build Rapport: Find some things in common, make small talk. Your prospect should do most of the talking. Never interrupt. Find their “why”. It is typically relationship centric. Don’t be distracted by other symptoms for other treatments. Ask them how the treatment would change their life. Trial closes. Ask for the sale effortlessly. You may have to ask several times For more information on Turbo Charging your Private Pay Medical Practice, vist or call 833-363-3627
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