Planning For Success: Your Everyday Success Plan

On this epsiode of Turbo Charged MD, we discuss how to set up your day for success. Too often our team's do not have a written game plan and are winging it throughout the day. We specifically cover: „Have a game plan: Start your day with roadmap for success. Know who you are going to follow up with, who is coming in for a consult, who is scheduled to pay. „Commit to the phone: In the course of an 8-hour day it is reasonable to make 6 calls per hour = 50 per day „Be consistent: Your day may be full of peaks and valleys, but a consistent work ethic and execution leads to higher peaks and very little time in the valley. „Have a goal and write it down. Sales is a number business. Break down your month into the ridiculous based on your compensation. Look at it often. „Stay organized. Keep your workstation clutter free and keep your mind focused. „Don’t make excuses. You are responsible for your own success. You are the player and your manager is the coach. The players play and play hard. You make your own opportunities. „Have a sense of urgency: Success takes unwavering commitment on a minute by minute basis. If you want “A” results, bring your “A” game. „Make adjustments. When things are not going your way, change it up. Keep it fresh and original. „Close strong: Ask for the sales multiple times in a non-pushy way. Your prospects want what you are selling. Medical Marketing Solutions is dedicated to helping you streamline the business aspect of your medical practice with a combination of the most advanced technologies, paired with the personal touch of our highly skilled consultants who will work one-on-one with your practice and your prospective patients. From website and SEO development, to lead nurturing, email campaigns and lead conversion, we do all of the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on providing your patients with the best quality care. Our Vortex Concierge Call Center was developed to assist you in answering your inbound calls, scheduling consultations and helping you to drive new patients to your practice. We handle all of your incoming and outbound lead prospecting. Please contact one of our expert Consultants so we may give you an overview of our products, features and benefits. To speak with a live consultant now, please call us at 833- 363 -3637 or visit our website at
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