Call Tracking

Our Call Tracking is a software-based performance marketing tool that generates and assigns a unique phone number to each specific marketing campaign. The Call Tracking system follows and analyzes leads through that phone number “channel” to understand the channel’s true effectiveness and ROI.

We provide you with robust reporting, so you clearly understand the performance. Call Tracking is integrated with your CRM for seamless, intuitive, end user experience.

3 Questions to Evaluate Your Call Tracking

  1. Do you track all inbound and outbound calls from your practice?
    • What Call Tracking software are you using?
    • How often do you listen to recorded calls?
  2. Are you using your Call Tracking as a Teaching/Coaching Tool?
    • Do you review the calls with your team?
    • Is constructive feedback encouraged amongst team members?
  3. Are there Sales Training protocols in place?
    • Is there someone in the practice responsible for monitoring sales opportunities?
    • Do you use call scripts for inbound and outbound calls?
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