Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful, direct, personal way to engage with prospects and patients. Build a robust database of email subscribers. This ​allows you to maintain close relationships with your patients and easily test and launch new products.

Create a highly responsive list of email subscribers which provides instant feedback. Segment your campaigns into prospects, current patients and past patients.

Educate, Nurture and Convert.

3 Questions to Evaluate Your Email Marketing:

  1. Do you have a segmented email marketing database?
    • Do you have a database segmented by prospects, patients and past patients?
    • Do you have a specific email campaign for each segment?
  2. Do your emails captivate your audience?
    • Are your emails short, ask questions and not have added a personal touch?
    • What is your ROI on email marketing with specific calls to action?
  3. Are your emails automated?
    • Do you have specific dates for them to be sent out?
    • Are they targeting the right segment?
    • Are they being opened and read?
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