Getting Started

The transition from traditional medicine to the private pay medical sector is not easy or for the faint of heart. The Private pay medical industry affords you the opportunity to offer Concierge Services, a far cry from the rigors of insurance-based medicine. We have worked with a plethora of physicians who have either found themselves spinning their wheels trying to figure out how to attract prospects to the practice and convert them into patients, or just figuring out the overall marketing and sales side of practice business management. Medical school did not quite prepare you for intricacies of Marketing and Sales.

The average practitioner wastes in excess of $100k in startup mistakes or is running a practice that is not revenue or profit driven. Marketing to the wrong avatar, mishandling phone calls, not using a CRM or having an email nurturing campaign are some of the most common challenges we have seen in this industry. Our mission is to help start up and existing Private Pay practices to eliminate these costly mistakes and help you do what you do best… provide your patients with the most advance cutting-edge wellness solutions. We do all of the heavy lifting.

Our services are geared toward Age Management, Regenerative Medicine and Sexual Wellness practices. We are very excited and bullish on Sexual Wellness for both men and women as the demand for services is growing exponentially.

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