Media Buying

Trying to figure out how to utilize TV, Radio or Print but don’t have time to figure out a game plan or don’t know where to start? Traditional media is still alive and viable if you have the correct strategy.

Our national media buyers, with over 30 years of successful, measurable experience, will help you build your strategies and deploy the most effective campaigns to target your specific market.

3 Questions to Evaluate Your Media Buying

  1. Do you advertise on Radio, TV or Print?
    • Are you getting the best rates on traditional media strategies?
    • Does a media buyer manage your account or are you doing it on your own?
  2. Are you reviewing your media analytics for Return on Investment?
    • Do you know exactly what ads produce the most revenue?
    • Are your marketing dollars proportionate to the results you are getting?
  3. Are you advertising to the correct demographic?
    • Do you target your Avatar (the exact patient demographic that you wish to treat)?
    • Do your web and call in leads come from your media buying campaigns in proportion to your digital marketing strategies?
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