Video Marketing

Web video has become the fastest-growing form of media in the world. It is commonplace and even expected. It is just as important as your website and phone number.

Videos on your website, be it educational, testimonials or developing your You Tube channel, are important tools to attract the prospective patients searching for your treatments and services. Our video team produces highly professional, top quality video content that attracts, educates, markets and sells your treatments and services.

3 Questions to Evaluate Your Video Marketing:

  1. Are Your Videos Converting to Business Results?
    • How many viewers do you get a day?
    • What are your best performing videos?
    • How are landing page videos helping the conversion rate?
  2. Are You Delivering a High-Quality Experience?
    • Are your videos high quality? If the quality is poor, then the value of that asset quickly minimizes.
    • Is your video easy to view on mobile?
    • Do your videos load quickly?
  3. Is Your Video Technology Integrated with Your Marketing Tools?
    • Do you gather video specific analytics that inform the decisions you make about your content marketing strategy?
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