Website Development

Your website is the online equivalent of your office, the place people go when they want to do business with you. It’s not enough to have just any website.
People expect your website will match the perception of your business. To be great, your website must do three things simultaneously; Educate, Market, and Sell.

Our websites are built with a powerful infrastructure that not only looks great but is built for high performance. Your website will be representative of your practice across all desktop and mobile devices.

3 Questions to Evaluate Your Website

  1. Is it Simple?
    • Is your website easy to navigate? Are visitors able to locate your navigation menu and the pages they need to get to quickly?
    • Do you have clear copy which avoids jargon in your text and use a conversational tone? Pretend you are speaking directly with your visitors. Help them get a sense of who you are.
    • Do you have clear, effective, enticing Calls to Actions help move the visitor towards the pages or the actions you want? Don’t clutter your page with Calls to Action — that would dilute their effectiveness.
  2. Is it Consistent?
    • Are all the web pages of your website aligned with your brand?
    • Do all the elements on the page, from text to layout, typography to images, foster the brand experience you want your customers to have?
    • Could they land on the page, not look at the logo, and still know it’s yours, if they were already familiar with your brand? And if they were not, could they now recognize it at a glance?
  3. Is it User-friendly?
    • Are visitors able to find what they need?
    • Do the colors contrast in a way that is appealing to the user’s eyes?
    • With 60% of the time we spend online being spent on a smartphone, is your website user-friendly? If you don’t have a strategy that takes mobile devices into account, you could be in big trouble.
    • Does your web page take too long to load? This is the age of the instantaneous. If so, visitors are likely to get annoyed and leave.
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