Your Medical Practice is a Sales Engine: Train Your Staff to be the Fuel!

To successfully build your private pay practice, you need to generate revenues which means your patients must pay for their treatments. You basically have 2 revenue sources: *Existing patients who are on ongoing treatment programs or who buy additional treatments or services. *Prospects responding to your marketing efforts or via referrals. In the first scenario, if your patients are not on an ongoing program, it is the responsibilty of your staff and marketing team to introduce them to complementary services in which your patient sees the value and benefits. Your staff should follow up with patients frequently keeping them educated on new treatments and your marketing should include email drip campaigns and newsletters to edcuate patients on the latest and greatest. For new prospects, your team really needs to be on their "A" game. Half of new patient inquiries result in no revenue because incoming calls are not properly handled. Even assuming a modest case size of $1,000 per patient, just one lost caller per day would cost about $250,000 a year in missed opportunities. Make sure you have a solid, consistent training program in place. Not sure how to set it up? Contact us for help!
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